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Enterprise Cloud Android App

When you first open the app, you’ll be presented with a login screen, like the one shown below.  Complete it as follows:

In the Username field: Enter a username from your Prism environment.
In the Password field: Enter the password for the username you entered above.
In the Hostname field: Enter the IP address or Hostname of your cluster.  You do not need to include the port number.  The app will automatically connect on port 9440.

Sure. If you have a Nutanix cluster, either CE or purchased, send me a message via the contact page.

By default, Prism uses port 9440, so this app attempts to connect on that port, by default.

Not any time soon. There are some technical reasons why the app only came out on Android. For now, one platform is enough effort for me.

Yes, in fact all of the development for the application was done against a Nutanix CE test environment.

The Enterprise Cloud android app needs to talk to Prism.  By default, the Prism interface is available on port 9440.  So, if you want to access your Nutanix cluster from outside your network, you need to make port 9440 available from your CVM cluster IP to the outside world.

If you are a home user, you may be OK with just forwarding port 9440 through your network to your CVM.

Another option is to use a VPN of some kind.  I’ve heard of some users leveraging the OpenVPN android app, as well as utilizing SSH tunneling for Prism access without forwarding any ports.